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Over Half Of Toronto Cannot Afford To Rent An Average 1 Bedroom By Themselves

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Young person looking to move to Toronto? Better line up a professional gig first, or expect to bunk up. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) crunched the numbers to find the wage needed to rent in Greater Toronto. Digging into the numbers, we can see how unsustainably high prices have become. The average one-bedroom is unaffordable for over half of the city – even in distant suburbs.

Just because you can make the payments and not go into arrears, does not mean your housing is affordable. The term “affordable” is thrown around a lot, but there’s an actual definition used by the government. For housing to be affordable, shelter expenses need to represent less than 30% of gross (a.k.a. pre-tax) income. Shelter expenses include, but are not limited to, rent, mortgage payments, utilities, taxes. This is the definition used by the CCPA to determine “affordable.”

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