Francisco Orta

I've been on David Stoddard’s mailing list for many years. It wasn't until May 2016 that I decided to reach out to him and to meet David in person. I was about to make one of the worst decisions of my life,  which was to sell my house and to buy a condo. As soon as I mentioned that idea to him he almost jumped out of his chair. Instead, David guided me along a different path. First, he advised me to straighten up my financial situation and then look into purchasing an investment property. I was currently in a bad mortgage product and had some high-interest debts significantly affecting my monthly cash-flow. David proposed that I pay out my current mortgage, refinance the house with a better mortgage product and pay off my debts. These steps made a huge positive impact on my monthly cash flow. With my finances in order, David proposed step 2. At first, I had a fixed idea of buying a resale investment condo in the downtown core but David suggested another idea based on my personal budget, which he had me prepare.  David introduced the idea of purchasing a pre-construction condo at the Platinum price level in an up and coming area of Toronto. I wasn't completely sure at first but with all his guidance and wealth of knowledge, I couldn't feel more confident that I made the right choice for my future. David was always available throughout the whole process, even when he was on vacation. David answered the many emails I kept sending him with all my doubts and concerns and he always provided clear explanations.

Thank you David for guiding me on building my real estate portfolio. 

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David Stoddard
David Stoddard
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