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It was a pleasure to have David Stoddard as our agent, both in buying and selling for our move.  David accomplishes the four c’s in service with professionalism. 

First, his competence with the finances, management and business matters of the process demonstrated continuously, putting Leonard and me at our ease

Second, his courtesy is exemplary. Simply put, David has a gentleman’s polish in his manner and social demeanor. 

Third, David’s consistency in manner is unwavering.  David maintains a sense of professional calm at all times, giving an acute focus on every detail with equal attention.  David manages all affairs with the same precision and politeness whenever we dealt with him.

Fourth, our confidence in David’s expertise was totally warranted.  When there was a problem, David suggested viable options, never pushing us to one or the other but respecting our judgment, gave us the background for us to make informed decisions on our direction.  When we needed other professionals, David’s list of associates provided us with the best.

Should we need an agent in the future, David Stoddard will be our first call.  I encourage others to place the trust we have had in his services.

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David Stoddard
David Stoddard
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