Kelli Wheatley

I am so grateful that a colleague insisted on referring me to David when I mentioned I was looking to purchase my first home. I now understand why she recommended him so strongly!

 I was in a unique position as a young, first-time homebuyer whose entire family is on the West Coast, meaning we had no previous knowledge of the Toronto market. I was also nervous about their limited ability to physically be with me throughout the process, but David taught me everything I needed to know, all while making my parents feel 100% at ease. My mom often said things like “David knows what he’s doing, trust him completely” and “I love how thorough David is,” and I know it meant a lot to them to know I was in good hands.

 I also want to mention that I have some specific needs in a home, and David never questioned my asks – he took it all in stride, adjusted our search as needed, and was always supportive (even making every effort to accommodate my current injury as we did showings). If you’re looking to buy your first home, definitely reach out to David - I am thrilled with my condo and can’t imagine ever wanting to leave, but if one day I make that decision, I know who to call!"

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David Stoddard
David Stoddard
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