Mat E

In 2013 I purchased my condo with David Stoddard and I realized then what an outstanding professional realtor he is (and an even better person!). I made the mistake of not taking a suggestion he made when I took ownership in 2016 & believe me I paid for this!  When I decided to sell my condo, David was the only realtor I considered.  Boy was I glad I chose him!  He took care of every minute detail including reserving the elevator, having the junk from my tenant removed, having the unit painted, having the appliances repaired, having the floor replaced (and making sure I got the flooring at an excellent price) having new LCD lights installed, and having the unit properly staged.  David handled the negotiations of the sale flawlessly, getting me a bit more than I hoped for.  The identical unit to mine (one floor below me) has been for sale for 2 months and hasn’t sold. It is being offered at almost 10% less than David sold my unit for. This is because the owners of that unit didn’t have David Stoddard in their corner!  I forgot to mention - David sold my unit in 3 days!"

-Mat E

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David Stoddard
David Stoddard
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